Deep dive - Git & GitHub and Jenkins integration with Git

DevOps: Become an Expert in Git and GitHub and handle all projects with speed and efficiency

Instructor: Shikhar VermaLanguage: English

About the course

This course will guide everyone (no prior knowledge is required!) through the core steps to use these tools in your daily projects with ease.

Git & GitHub - The complete step-by-step guide from scratch and also learn Jenkins integration with GitHub Repository.

This course is all about Git and GitHub.

Course Description:


  • What is DevOps & its benefits
  • DevOps LifeCycle :
  1. Continuous Development
  2. Continuous Integration
  3. Continuous Testing
  4. Continuous Feedback
  5. Continuous Deployment
  6. Continuous Monitoring
  • Overview of Git & GitHub
  • Create a GitHub Account, repository, clone - Distributed Version Control System
  • Git configuration
  • Stages in Git
  • Git pull from Remote to Local
  • Git push from Local to Remote
  • Stages in Git - Add & Commit

Working with Branches

  • Introducing Branches
  • Lab - Create branches (master & Develop)
  • Create & push branch from Local to Remote
  • Feature branches
  • Pull Request - To merge one branch into another
  • Release branch
  • Hotfix Branch
  • Lab - Release & Hotfix Branch
  • Add Reviewer in Pull Request with Branch protection rules
  • PR - Comment, Approve & Request changes

Conflict Resolutions

  • Understanding conflicts in git merge
  • Create a merge conflict & resolve it
  • Use TortoiseGit S/W to resolve conflicts
  • Resolve conflicts from GitHub using web editor using PR with one reviewer

Real Project examples - Scenario-based cases

  • Git clean command to remove file & directory
  • Undoing changes on existing files
  • Git Revert Command
  • Git Reset Command
  • Git fetch command
  • Git pull command
  • Difference git merge & git fetch

GitHub Deep Drive - Cherry-pick, tags, rebase & merge

  • What is Cherry-pick in git?
  • Lab on Cherry-pick with conflicts in merging
  • Git tags
  • Delete tags from local & remote
  • Git rebase command
  • The difference between git rebase & merge

Integrate Jenkins with GitHub Repository & Maven project

  • About Jenkins
  • Overview of Jenkins integration with GitHub & how to build a java based project
  • Installation of Jenkins, Java, Maven & Git on EC2 Instance
  • Configure Jenkins on EC2 Instance
  • Configure GitHub Credentials & Maven Location on Jenkins
  • Create & Build the Java-based project using Maven Tool
  • Add Maven Plugins in Jenkins
  • Last lecture

Git Interview QA


Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn what version management is & how it can help to organize your code and projects efficiently
  • Software engineers, developers, and programmers new to Git





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