Docker training bootcamp: A Practical way of learning-DevOps

Practical approach to learn docker from scratch. For beginners in DevOps

Instructor: Shikhar VermaLanguage: English

About the course


Section 1: Introduction

  • Introduction about containers
  • Installation of Docker
  • Create a first container
  • Fetch container image from docker hub
  • Run a container in backgroup, interactive with tty terminal
  • Delete exited dockers using a single command
  • Get complete details of a running container
  • Check logs & stats of a running container
  • Port forwarding
  • exec, rename & restart the running container
  • Attach a container
  • Kill/stop, pause/unpause a container
  • Create, start, cp command
  • Export/Import Command in Docker
  • Create a image from running container
  • Pull a specific version image from Docker hub
  • Image history, inspect & remove image

Section 2: Dockerfile

  • Overview of Dockerfile, layered architecture
  • Create a centos 7 image using Dockerfile
  • Overview of LABEL, ENV & RUN Command
  • Overview of WORKDIR
  • Copy, add command with their differences
  • Create a user account with password using dockerfile
  • CMD Command
  • SSH to a container
  • Overview of EXPOSE Command
  • ENTRYPOINT in Dockerfile

Section 3: Manage Data in Docker

  • Overview of managing data in Docker
  • Volumes
  • Create & attach a volume to a container
  • Delete volumes from the Docker host machine
  • Bind mounts

Section 4: Networking in Docker

  • Bridge networking
  • Run containers in custom created bridge networking
  • Enable communication between dockers belong to different bridge network
  • DNS enabled with custom bridge networking
  • Host networking
  • None networking
  • Connect one or more network to a running container
  • Create private docker registry
  • How to allow image in private registry for non-secure network

Section 5: Docker Compose

  • Overview of docker compose
  • Docker compose Installation
  • Create my first docker compose file
  • Create docker compose file in json language
  • Learn basic commands
  • docker-compose up
  • docker-compose down
  • docker-compose create
  • docker-compose start
  • docker-compose stop
  • docker-compose rm
  • docker-compose images
  • docker-compose ps
  • docker-compose pause
  • docker-compose unpause
  • docker-compose kill
  • docker-compose port port
  • docker-compose logs
  • docker-compose exec
  • docker-compose run
  • docker-compose scale
  • docker-compose top
  • Attach a volume & port mapping using docker compose
  • Build a custom image using docker compose
  • Last lecture

Who this course is for:

  • System administrators, developers, DevOps teams, and IT professionals who would like to learn Docker.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineers








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